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    New postPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:06 am
    by tmaxey
    MasterSpec (Commercial Specifications) indicates "SPRI Wind Design Standard: Manufacture and install roof edge flashings tested according to SPRI ES-1 and capable of resisting the following design pressure:
    1. Design Pressure: As indicated on Drawings.

    My question is: This requires either a contractor to be ES-1 qualified or the contractor will have to purchase the ES-1 rated materials from a vendor. Can contractors fabricate the ES-1 rated edge metals if they have their certification?

    Re: ANSI/SPRI ES-1

    New postPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:54 am
    by Jerry Peck - Codeman
    My first question is: Are you are a NRCA certified / authorized fabricator?
    - (place cursor over link, right click, select 'Open in new tab/page)
    - - https://www.spri.org/faq/
    - - - Scroll down to question 13 and its answer:
    - - - - 13. Is ES-1 only a design standard, meaning that any organization can manufacture an ES-1 compliant edge simply by using an ES-1 design? Or is ES-1 a manufacturing standard, meaning that the organization which manufactures the edge system needs to demonstrate that the system meets ES-1 as tested by an independent agency?
    - - - - Answer: Section 6.0 of the ES-1 standard states, "Edge details may be selected from manufacturers who certify certain minimum performance to meet design requirements, based upon testing. Other designs may be used, provided they are tested and certified by an independent testing laboratory to meet the wind and pullout resistance design standards in the ES-1 definition." It is the opinion of SPRI that a critical element in meeting a design standard is a fabricator's manufacturing capabilities. Therefore, ANSI/SPRI ES-1 testing should be performed on systems as manufactured by a given fabricator.
    - - http://www.nrca.net/authorized-ITS-UL-fabricators
    - - http://www.nrca.net/roofing/NRCA-s-UL-c ... I-ES-1-246
    - - http://www.nrca.net/roofing/NRCA-s-ITS- ... I-ES-1-244

    - SPRI ES-1: http://wph.com/media/pdfs/es-1_2003.pdf

    If yes, then the answer would be yes - as allowed per that certification / authorization as referenced in the above links.

    If not, more information is needed.