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Elevated restuarant table seating

Elevated restuarant table seating

New postby Ted Kay on Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:45 pm

Is there a code in Illinois that says anything specific about the use of raised tables or booth seating in a public place like a bar or restaurant?
A local restaurant has a row of fixed rectangular tables that have a raised bench for two people on a platform and two fixed stools on the lower opposing side of the table. The platform which is about 6" high stops midway under the table parallel with the seats and the longer side of the table. A person getting up from the bench has only about 18" of the platform to stand on before having to step down. This seems more of a safety problem than the typical full length restaurant and bar platform. A restaurant patron turning as they get up to get their coat or purse can easily fall off the the step.
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Re: Elevated restuarant table seating

New postby Jerry Peck - Codeman on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:26 pm

I didn't see your post until now, not sure why the system did not notify me of it - I will contact someone in Illinois I know to see if they can provide an answer.
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Re: Elevated restuarant table seating

New postby markus on Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:07 pm

Hi Ted, based on your description I don't have a very clear picture of what you are describing but I do get the general idea. In terms of IL having a Code for this I am not aware of one and it would be doubtful.
A restaurant is typically considered an 'assembly unit' under the Code for compliance purposes. Compliance requirements for an assembly unit vary based on whether it is a small or large assembly. Most municipalities issue occupancy cards to bars, restaurants and based on that occupancy rating a restaurant could be a large or small assembly.
While I agree what you describe sounds like a hazard to patrons it may not constitute a direct Code violation. However, there are possible options. If that platform or step protrudes into a required egress path or the use of it impedes the egress path then there could be cause for a Code violation. If the establishment has a PPA license or this area was part of some older, original stage set up then there could be other violations.
Municipalities typically have their own license inspection requirements specific to restaurants, bars etc. that aren't necessarily published in the Code book but are requirements that need to be met under a new establishment or PPA license review. Without knowing where this restaurant is or seeing a picture I cannot provide you with a better answer.
I suggest you contact the Municipal building or licensing office for information. Sometimes they are very helpful, sometimes not so much. At the very least, you may be able to get them to review the installation to avoid harm to patrons.
I shut down a nightclub one time M-Th and they barely got to open on F because the welding joints on their new steel platforms were terrible. In your case, the restaurant may have added this seating without Municipal review.
I hope that helps.
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