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    Occupant Load Factor

    Occupant Load Factor

    New postby mtCDCcb on Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:02 pm

    How would you determine the occupant load factor (IBC 2009 Table 1004.1.1) for an indoor putt putt golf course? I need this number to determine the required number of exits. The putt putt course will be the only use in the structure (see attached detail). Thanks.
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    Re: Occupant Load Factor

    New postby Jerry Peck - Codeman on Sat Nov 01, 2014 6:15 pm

    Sorry I missed your question when it came in - my answer is a question first: Do you have the area of the usable areas from the main entry, rental station, wherever occupants would gather, etc.?

    The closest I can find for something to use would be the bowling centers where you would calculate 5 persons for each putting green (similar in use and congregation of people to a bowling lane), you could also apply the same included 15 feet of runway factor to cover 15 feet of approach to each putting green to allow space for the 5 persons using the putting green, then for each 7 square feet of additional area in my question the occupant load would increase by 1.

    5 per each putting green, x 18 putting greens = 90 occupants for the putting greens, then add for the other areas.

    As shown, just the putting green areas would exceed an occupant load of 50, so the occupancy would remain an assembly area.

    (bold and underlining are mine)
    - 1004.1.1 Areas without fixed seating. The number of occupants shall be computed at the rate of one occupant per unit of area as prescribed in Table 1004.1.1. For areas without fixed seating, the occupant load shall not be less than that number determined by dividing the floor area under consideration by the occupant per unit of area factor assigned to the occupancy as set forth in Table 1004.1.1. Where an intended use is not listed in Table 1004.1.1, the building official shall establish a use based on a listed use that most nearly resembles the intended use.
    - - Exception: Where approved by the building official, the actual number of occupants for whom each occupied space, floor or building is designed, although less than those determined by calculation, shall be permitted to be used in the determination of the design occupant load.
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