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    Can someone take an "Experienced" guess at this

    Can someone take an "Experienced" guess at this

    New postby JohnSTI on Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:46 am

    I've attached two photos of existing Flex Drops used to power machinery.

    Due to my limited experience it is hard to interpret the NEC at times and apply their interpretation to actual conditions that I find within my company. I came across several Flex Drops that are different than others within my facility. The majority have some type of suitable cable tension support a foot or two away from the actual electrical box where the Flex Drop originates.

    Even if the connectors seen in the photos are designed for Flex Cord (and I have know idea if this is so) are the connectors by themselves adequate to be considered as in compliance with;
    368.56 (B)
    (4) Strain relief cable grips shall be provided for the cord or cable at the busway plug-in device and equipment terminations.
    Also what is considered a "busway plug-in device" is this represented in the photos attached below?

    Next question - If the end of the Flex Drop has a plug ( twist plug in my cases) where the plug is attached to a pigtail coming out of the machinery (such as large band saw, lathes, mills, etc.) is there suppose to be some type of disconnect along the path from the Electrical box (origination of the Flex Drop) to where power is actually connected to the machinery (through the pigtail termination)? Or does the plug take the place of the actual disconnect box? A number of the machines have only an Off/On button no external disconnect or fused link inline with the pigtails.

    Or should the question be do i I need to make sure that the Flex Drops meets 368.17 (C);
    368.17 Over current Protection.
    Over current protection shall be provided in accordance with 368.17 (A) through (D).

    C) Feeder or Branch Circuits Where a busway is used as a feeder, device or plug-in connections for tapping off feeder or branch circuits from the bus way shall contain the over current devices required for the protection of the feeder or branch circuits. The plug-in device shall consist of an externally operable circuit breaker or an externally operable fusible switch. Where such devices are mounted out of reach and contain disconnecting means, suitable means such as ropes, chains, or sticks shall be provided for operating the disconnection means from the floor.
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    Re: Can someone take an "Experienced" guess at this

    New postby Jerry Peck - Codeman on Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:24 pm

    I can't tell if those are listed for supporting flexible cords and cables without placing tension on the terminals. Short of such documentation of listing information (someone may have such information there, such as the person(s) who installed those fittings), I would expect to see a cable support installed.
    - From the 2014 NEC:
    - - 400 Flexible Cords and Cables
    - - - 400.10 Pull at Joints and Terminals Flexible cords and cables shall be connected to devices and to fittings so that tension is not transmitted to joints or terminals.
    - - - - Exception: Listed portable single-pole devices that are intended to accommodate such tension at their terminals shall be permitted to be used with single-conductor flexible cable.

    You are correct about the photo showing the box with those fitting going out horizontally - that is not correct ... even if those fittings are the right type and listed for support ... those fittings are not listed for use horizontally.
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