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Concealed location question

Concealed location question

New postby Marc M on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:08 am

I just wanted to get a feel for your interpretation of this section below. My brother-in law is a plumber and said that crawlspaces can be included as concealed locations.
Also, are gas shutoff valves allowed in crawlspaces?

G2415.3 (404.3) Piping in concealed locations. Portions of a
piping system installed in concealed locations shall not have
unions, tubing fittings, right and left couplings, bushings, compression
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Re: Concealed location question

New postby Jerry Peck - Codeman on Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:52 am

Hi Marc,

These definitions from the IFGC (Fuel Gas Code) may help identify what a "concealed location" is:

- CONCEALED LOCATION. A location that cannot be accessed without damaging permanent parts of the building
structure or finish surface. Spaces above, below or behind readily removable panels or doors shall not be considered as concealed.
- CONCEALED PIPING. Piping that is located in a concealed location (see “Concealed location”).

For the uses in the Fuel Gas Code, "concealed location" has a different meaning than in the other codes.
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